Get & Receive
ANY of their Monthly Packages!

Example: Spend $101.94 on a 6 month subscription; get $76.45 CASH BACK!
That's a final price of
only $25.49 for a 6 month subscription...


Don't Confuse This Offer With Just Getting A Special Deal
At Checkout. You'll Still Get Those...

The Bottom Line is this -

Whatever Deal You May Be Offered, Whatever Subscription
Length You May Choose...
When spending just an 'extra 5 minutes' to first follow the steps below, YOU will get an additional 75% CASH BACK On Whatever Amount You Spend!

How do I get a DEAL like this?
It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Justand ‘Sign Up FOR FREE' on
the left side of the page.
Choose to shop in the mall & join
(See detailed instructions below)

Once paid, you will receive your Cash Back!
(Cash Back is available within about 4 to 6 weeks)

Once YOU are signed up, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox. (Check your spam folder if it's not there within minutes.) After clicking the confirmation link in the e-mail, choose to be a FREE Dubli customer. YOU will then be ready to visit Match via Dubli and receive 75% Cash Back when purchasing! (Always make sure you are logged in at your free Dubli account before making any purchases)

Click Here to View a Full Color Dubli Customer Brochure

Choose to shop in the U.S. Mall by hovering your mouse pointer over the tab at the top called ‘Shopping Malls'. Once there, click on the 'All Stores' button and then on the letter 'M' that will appear.

You will then see a page that looks like the one below. Keep clicking the grey 'SHOW MORE' bar at the bottom of the list of stores until you see ''. (Shouldn't take more than one or two clicks.) Then click on the box. This will take you directly to the website where you will set up your profile and can purchase your subscription when ready. Remember as always with, you don't necessarily need to purchase right away. You can see your matches and only pay if & when you want to communicate with them.

Note: When you come to through Dubli the first time and set up your profile, you will be 'tagged' in's system as coming through Dubli. This will qualify you for your cash back. If not paying for a subscription right away, you DO NOT have to come 'through Dubli' again. Just log into your account you set up and pay as normal.

This is a ONE -TIME OFFER for new subscribers. Subscription extensions will
be at's REGULAR rate. Purchase the longest subscription
RIGHT AWAY to get the MOST savings!

Remember to come back to YOUR Dubli Portal and do ALL Your online shopping through Dubli's 1,700+ stores.
You are still shopping at the same stores you know and trust as always. You can still use ANY discount code and get ANY savings you normally would if you weren't going first through Dubli. If you want to upgrade to being a VIP customer/member, your Cash Back for each online purchase increases significantly!

Bottom line is this – Not shopping at your favorite stores by going first through Dubli is a choice to leave money in the stores bank account, instead of in YOUR bank account! In today's day and age, it's just plain smart to shop through Dubli!

Note: Your Cash Back will be paid to Your Dubli cash organizer located in your Free Dubli customer account area according to Dubli's cash back terms. You are then able to transfer your Cash Back to Your Bank Account or even a Dubli MasterCard shown at right. This card can be used at cash machines to get cash, as well as anywhere MasterCard is accepted! For Cash Back to be properly tracked you must be logged in to your Dubli account before signing up for, or when making any other purchases.

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Dubli has offices in Germany and Dubai, and their main corporate Headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida.
Dubli operates worldwide and is traded on the U.S. Stock Exchange. Ticker symbol: DUBL


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